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With experience ranging from the design of corporate risk communication policies to serving on the frontlines of crisis, McDaniel Lambert has worked extensively in the United States and overseas.

Some highlights of McDaniel Lambert's experience in health and environmental relations are listed below.

International Projects

IndonesiaCrisis and Environmental Response for a Deepwater Well off Indonesia
Provided crisis communication and environmental assistance to an international oil and gas company during a deepwater well oil release in the Makassar Strait, off the coast of East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Assisted company communication personnel with a successful press briefing and in quickly getting the company back to a normal business environment. We put together an environmental sampling program that showed the limited extent of marine impacts and clearly demonstrated that oil on the shoreline many miles distant from the event was marine fuel oil and not from the release.

Thailand Produced Water Code of Practice in Thailand
McDaniel Lambert managed a program to develop a Produced Water Code of Practice for oil and gas producers in the Gulf of Thailand. Management involved meeting with the Thailand Pollution Control Department, industry stakeholders, industry trade associations, and the USEPA.

PhilippinesCommunity Outreach in the Philippines
McDaniel Lambert developed a risk communication and outreach strategy for two geothermal plants. We helped to initiate proactive communications with the local community and provided community outreach training to help field level and corporate employees address health concerns from hydrogen sulfide emissions.

NicaraguaCommunity Outreach in Nicaragua
McDaniel Lambert developed communication and outreach strategies in the aftermath of a natural disaster in rural communities. We coordinated a public meeting to present the possible environmental and social impacts of the exploration phase of a geothermal project. We established key messages for dealing with political issues in the community.

IndonesiaCrisis Communication in Indonesia
McDaniel Lambert provided training and developed an internal crisis strategy to respond to increased level of political unrest surrounding elections. We developed a plan to provide for communication with employees in the event of a major crisis and to coordinate efforts with the United States Embassy to ensure the safe departure of expatriates from the country, if needed.

IndonesiaEnvironmental Awareness Video Production in Indonesia
In association with Lone Star Productions, McDaniel Lambert developed a video for introducing workers to basic environmental concepts. The environmental awareness video was produced in the native language, with English subtitles. The video included the Mayor of Balikpapan and local environmental NGOs.

Well-Abandonment Program in Aberdeen, Scotland
McDaniel Lambert devised strategies for off-shore platform abandonment near Aberdeen, Scotland, to incorporate lessons learned from the Brent Spar incident. We provided training and established key messages for working with activists and environmentalists.

Water-related Projects

Drinking Water Contamination Response in Orange County, California
McDaniel Lambert assisted with the development of a proactive media response following the discovery of a human carcinogen (NDMA) in several drinking water wells, which was traced to the water treatment facility disinfection process. We prepared agency personnel for a media briefing, drafted information sheets, and assisted with answering health concerns.

Orange CountyCommunication Strategy for a Groundwater Replenishment System in Orange County, California
McDaniel Lambert assisted with the development of a risk communication and public outreach strategy to address environmental and health concerns regarding a unique recycled water project. We assisted with outreach to health and medical professionals regarding the safety of recycled water.

Community Outreach Regarding Desalter Project in Irvine, California
McDaniel Lambert assisted the water district with development of a public participation and communications program to address the health issues related to a water restoration program that included cleaning and treating nitrate and solvent contaminated groundwater.

Training Projects

TrainingCrisis Communications and Community Outreach Program for Fertilizer Company in Canada and the United States
McDaniel Lambert developed comprehensive crisis communication and community outreach programs for one of the world's largest producers and retailers of agricultural fertilizer. We assisted with the decentralization of the crisis communications program and the customization of the crisis response program to meet the needs of fifteen production facilities and an extensive storage and transportation infrastructure.

TrainingCrisis Communication - Statewide Fire and Environmental Health Professionals
McDaniel Lambert trained first response professionals in crisis communication skills for worst-case chemical release scenarios.

TrainingYucca Mountain Radiologic Risk Communication Training for the Department of Energy
McDaniel Lambert designed and conducted an intensive risk communication program for Department of Energy scientists and project managers at the Yucca Mountain repository. The program focused on dealing with hostility and fear and addressing public health concerns with regard to radiation issues that might arise from transportation accidents and storage of nuclear waste.

Massachusetts Chemical Technology Alliance Risk Communication Planning Seminars
McDaniel Lambert introduced Right-to-Know concepts and strategies for proactive outreach for member companies in the state. Seminars were designed to help companies comply with the Environmental Protection Agency's Risk Management Plan and public involvement requisites.

TrainingTrain-the-Trainer Program in Indonesia and Thailand
McDaniel Lambert designed and taught train-the-trainer programs for a multinational oil and gas company. The goal was to push the community outreach program down to the working level of the organization and ensure a consistent and professional response to community issues. The courses were taught in the native languages, through use of a translator.

Risk Communication Projects

Simi ValleyCommunity Outreach in Simi Valley, California
Assisted the Department of Energy with community outreach activities related to a former nuclear and rocket-testing site in Simi Valley. Outreach activities included the development of information materials related to the site and addressing health and environmental concerns via community meetings. We developed agendas, public notices, coordinated the mailings of invitations and reminders, and assisted in the writing of press releases. All meetings included poster sessions to allow for more focused and intimate communication between project members and concerned community members.

Community Outreach in PasadenaCommunity Meeting and Health Expertise for NASA/JPL in Pasadena, California
Assisted NASA/JPL with community outreach activities to address health and environmental issues related to groundwater cleanup activities. Outreach activities included the development of information materials related to the site. For the community meeting we convened a panel of experts that included medical doctors and epidemiologists to address community health and environmental concerns. We developed the meeting agenda, public notices, coordinated the mailings of invitations, and assisted in the writing of press releases. We developed all meeting visuals including posters and a presentation. We provided copies of handouts in both Spanish and English. We also coordinated the meeting's infrastructure, audio-visual equipment, catering, and meeting roll out.

Communication of Chronic Health Risk at the Los Angeles Refinery
McDaniel Lambert assisted refinery personnel with communication of chronic health and cancer risk as required by California Assembly Bill 2588 (Air Toxics Hot Spots). The effort included a series of workshops with the local community and culminated in a larger town hall meeting attended by local environmental equity groups, agencies, and a multilingual community meeting.

Community Meetings in the Eastern Mojave, California
McDaniel Lambert met with parents of elementary school children and members of the local school board to discuss health impacts from air emissions from mining operations in the Eastern Mojave Desert. We incorporated feedback from the community into health risk assessment looking at emissions, planned community meetings, produced mailers, and conducted focus groups.

United States NavyCommunity Outreach for the United States Navy
McDaniel Lambert assisted the U.S. Navy with community outreach efforts at a former California naval base. Assistance included planning availability sessions, production of fact sheets, frequently asked questions information sheets, and public presentations for a Community Advisory Panel. We also served as a resource to answer health questions from residents.

Ventura, CaliforniaCommunity Outreach at a Compressor Station in Ventura, California
McDaniel Lambert assisted a compressor station with community outreach about the potential health impacts of facility emissions. Our services in outreach initiatives included community letter writing support, the design of an employee presentation, and the development of customized speaking points and presentations for schools, a Boys and Girls Club, and industrial neighbors.

Public Participation Plan in Brawley, California
Assisted in the roll-out of DTSC public participation activities for a fertilizer-impacted site in Brawley, California. We conducted community interviews in coordination with the DTSC public participation specialist and the project manager. Coordinated community mailings and translated documents into Spanish. Developed the Public Participation Plan that outlined project activities and described community participation goals and strategies. Established an information repository at the local public library.

Public Participation Assistance for Los Angeles Unified School District and DTSC in Los Angeles, California
Assisted the Los Angeles Unified School District in the roll out of public participation activities for an elementary school in downtown Los Angeles with soil and groundwater contamination. We conducted 15 community interviews with the assigned DTSC public participation specialist and the project manager. Developed a Public Participation Plan outlining project activities and related community participation goals and strategies. Attended parent/teacher advisory meetings to identify community concerns and developed communication strategies to address them. Developed demographic reports to better assess the ethnic composition of the populations around the site. We identified minority populations needing translated information and coordinated written and oral translation services for an upcoming community meeting.

Community Outreach in Fountain Valley, California
Developed a public health information program and a risk communication strategy for a groundwater recycling project in coordination with the local water authorities. Prepared a white paper on the safety of using replenished groundwater as a drinking water source.

Risk Assessment and Brownfield Projects

Health Risk Assessment in Palm Springs, California
Evaluated sufficiency of health and environmental modeling and impacts for a proposed 456 MW power plant. We reviewed the Application for Certification and gave an independent analysis of potential air quality impacts and health effects on area residents.

Risk Assessment and Community Outreach for Redevelopment in Long Beach, California
Assisted with communication activities related to the demolition and redevelopment of surplus industrial property owned by The Boeing Company into industrial/commercial and residential units. We reviewed risk assessments and participated in meetings with buyers to discuss contamination issues. We worked with city representatives to address environmental issues raised in the Environmental Impact Report. We developed and implemented communication plans for neighboring properties that included golf courses and community colleges.

Health Risk Assessment in South Gate, California
Assisted in evaluating power plant environmental and health impacts and responded to California Energy Commission (CEC) questions and issues regarding the Application for Certification for a proposed plant.

Avila BeachCommunity Air Monitoring and Risk Assessment in Avila Beach, California
Managed a community air monitoring program during one of the largest petroleum remediation and excavations ever attempted. We worked with local agencies and other stakeholders to present air-monitoring results on a quarterly basis to residents at community meetings, provided mailer summary results, and produced a human health risk assessment based on the results. The effective management of this program allowed the remediation activities to proceed to a successful conclusion.

Human Health Risk Assessment for Former Petroleum Tank Farm in California
Conducted a human health risk assessment for a twenty-acre former refinery and tank farm on the California Central Coast. Successful completion of the risk assessment involved working closely with local and State agencies. We developed risk-based TPH clean-up standards (including residential) that were the first to be accepted by the San Luis Obispo County Health Department.

GuadalupeHuman Health Risk Assessment in Guadalupe Beach, California
Worked with agency stakeholders in a collaborative process to produce a human health risk assessment for the former Guadalupe oil field. We also assisted with restoration and risk management activities.

RCRA Human Health Risk Assessment for Boeing Santa Susana Field Lab in Simi Valley, California
Currently serving as part of a large team completing a RCRA risk assessment for the Boeing Santa Susana Field Lab. This complex assessment involves ongoing coordination with several oversight agencies including OEHHA and both the Glendale and Cypress DTSC offices.

Human Health Risk Assessment for Water Treatment Facility in Irvine, California
Performed air dispersion modeling and human risk assessment for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at a water treatment facility located in a residential neighborhood for the Irvine Ranch Water District. Results of the risk assessment were used as the basis for a community outreach program.

Crisis Response Projects

Pandemic Influenza Communication and Health Consulting for a Major Utility Company
Dr. McDaniel serves as the corporate medical adviser for a major utility company and has provided recommendations for the distribution of antivirals, health response and communication guidance for the company’s team. We helped draft the Pandemic Preparedness Plan and provided employees with easy to understand medical updates on the flu.

Pandemic Influenza Communication and Business Continuity Plans for Mining Operations
McDaniel Lambert developed pandemic flu communication and business continuity plans for two mining operations. The plans identified facility crisis response personnel, key messages and crisis communication strategies. The plans also outlined step-by-step pandemic preparedness phases and crisis mitigation methods to educate and protect employees and to reduce the impact of a pandemic on the facilities’ operations.

Emergency Preparedness Drills for the City of Los Angeles
Served as facilitators in a series of multi-agency tabletop exercises to help identify the city’s level of preparedness in the event of a terrorist attack. The drills simulated simultaneous terrorist attacks at the Los Angeles International Airport and the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California.

Pandemic Influenza Presentations and Pandemic Preparedness for the City of Houston
McDaniel Lambert served as a co-facilitator in several pandemic preparedness tabletop exercises for the City of Houston and Harris County. Additionally, we provided presentations on pandemic flu for city officials and other healthcare professionals. We also participated in the City of Houston’s Pandemic Flu Community Summit with a presentation and facilitation of a breakout session. At the Summit, we were interviewed by two major local Spanish TV channels about the virus and flu prevention measures.

Step by Step

Step-by-Step Crisis Response at San Francisco Chemical Release
McDaniel Lambert guided a refinery step-by-step through crisis response after a sixteen-day chemical release at a time when the facility did not have a crisis response plan. We led the crisis media efforts by regularly serving as spokesperson to local and national media and providing training to others. We also coordinated a human health risk assessment and animal toxicity studies, and established a community health clinic that provided medical evaluation for more than 1200 residents.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach Following Hydrocarbon Release - Playa del Rey, California
McDaniel Lambert assisted with public outreach initiatives following the accidental release of natural gas and oily residue from a natural gas storage facility. Oily liquid was deposited over cars, homes and gardens in the neighborhood and a major clean-up effort was needed. We provided community letter-writing support and developed materials explaining the sampling and analysis of the oily liquid. We assisted with the organization of two community meetings and developed an incident fact sheet and posters to explain health risk.

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