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Our highly qualified team has expertise in environmental medicine, law, health risk assessment, toxicology, industrial hygiene and risk communication. The principals of McDaniel Lambert also possess experience ranging from the design of corporate risk communication policies to serving on the frontlines of crisis. We have worked extensively in the United States and overseas.

Mary McDaniel, DO, JD, MPH
Charles Lambert, PhD, DABT
Rebecca Countway, MS
Marcela Solórzano, MS
Shange Amani, MS
Kathleen Souweine, MPH

We provide successful, sustainable, and socially-responsible strategies for addressing health and environmental issues.

Founded in 1997, McDaniel Lambert has extensive expertise in environmental medicine, health risk assessment, toxicology, risk communication and community outreach.

We specialize in building relationships and developing successful community outreach and socially responsible programs.

Since its foundation, McDaniel Lambert has established a proven record in both the public and private sector across the United States and around the world.

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