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Marcela Solórzano, MS

Marcela SolórzanoMarcela Solórzano is an environmental community outreach manager at McDaniel Lambert, Inc. Marcela began her communication career in Nicaragua working as a community liaison representative for a geothermal project in a rural area of the country. Her experience with environmental risk communication and her international affairs background were a perfect fit for a multi-cultural Los Angeles where she moved to in 1999.

At McDaniel Lambert, Marcela works directly with clients, communities and environmental regulatory agencies to developand distribute scientific and health risk information in both English and Spanish. For over ten years, she has worked on public outreach projects with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control and the Regional Water Quality Control Board on the development of Public Participation Plans, information sheets and setting up public meetings.

The majority of Marcela's projects involve communicating technical processes such as sampling, testing and cleanup of contaminated soil and groundwater, and explainingpotential health risks from exposure to chemicals to nontechnical stakeholders such as residents, employees, teachers and community leaders. Marcela supports clients as the Spanish-speaking liaison at community meetings or as the on-call project information representative. Her skills are also valuable in the field as a coach to field workers on the most effective way to answer health and safety questions from the community or the media. She has also provided door-to-door to notification of residents about environmental activities in their neighborhoods.

Marcela received her BS in International Relations with a minor in Business from the University of Mobile, Latin American Campus in San Marcos, Nicaragua. She holds an MS in Foreign Affairs from Troy State University.

In addition to Spanish, Marcela is fluent in French. Amidst short stints in a number of other countries, Marcela has lived in France, Nicaragua, the Democratic Republic of Congo (former Za´re), Angola, Mali, Cambodia and Haiti. The longest standing member of the Mclam team, Marcela also applies her wizardry to our office administration-handing our often seemingly unique accounting, billing, and bidding projects with aplomb.

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