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Kathleen Souweine, MPH

Kathleen SouweineKathleen Souweine came to us from the USEPA Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water where she worked for four years as a Program Analyst. As an EPA employee, Kathleen worked on all aspects of the development and review of national drinking water regulations for the protection of public health, including: writing and reviewing regulatory language and justification, coordinating responses to public comments, and planning and participating in external stakeholder outreach meetings. She also used her epidemiological and bio-statistical skills to evaluate the association of drinking water contaminants with health outcomes.

At McDaniel Lambert Ms. Souweine has taken the lead on a variety of projects, including: a meta-analysis of nitrogen dioxide inhalation studies to determine a NO2 exposure that causes health impacts in a healthy worker population, facilitating a workshop to provide Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) training, and designing a human exposure survey and sampling plan for people living and working near a Superfund site. Kathleen also assists with McDaniel Lambert risk assessments, using her computer programming skills to develop automated processes for performing risk calculations. Recently, she has shown special interest and talent for completing ecological risk assessments.

Kathleen received her BS in Mathematics with a minor in Art History from Vanderbilt University, then pursued her Masters in Public Health with a specialization in Epidemiology from George Washington University.

Originally from Baltimore, Kathleen will attest that the park benches do not lie, it is the Greatest City in America. In LA, she is one of few Los Angelenos to utilize public transportation, preferring the bus or bike over congested streets.

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