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We identify and quantify potential community, and employee health and environmental risks.

We evaluate chemicals and products from a toxicological and medical perspective to develop strategies to address site-specific health, environmental and safety issues. Our projects range from existing school sites and neighborhoods to new development siting toepidemiological studies. We conduct risk assessments, review contaminant risks, build detail-rich, intuitive databases and design health surveillance programs.

Our projects are often complex-involving multiple public agencies with differing mandates. We frequently work with government at the local, state and federal level in collaborative processes to successfully complete projects.

Human Health Risk Assessment
From screening level evaluations to complex multi-pathway health risk assessments, our team of scientists develop strategies to evaluate potential health risks from environmental and occupational exposures. Our risk assessments have covered a diversity of receptors, chemicals and locations ranging from a neighborhood service station to a complex mercury health risk assessment in the Gulf of Thailand. Our areas of expertise include vapor intrusion evaluations, background comparisons, toxicity threshold identification, forensic geochemistry techniques and exposure modeling.

Our epidemiologists provide critical analysis and interpretation of epidemiological data to supplement human health risk assessments and other health evaluations. We also design and implement studies to investigate diseases related to environmental or chemical exposures. This work has included performing cancer cluster analyses, cross-sectional studies, and meta-analyses to synthesize findings from other health studies.

Statistics and Sampling Plan Optimization
The application of statistical methodology is fundamental to all of our assessment tasks. We summarize, model and interpret numerical data to provide usable information to facilitate the understanding of environmental health risks. When developing sampling plans, we combine our statistical skill with USEPA's seven-step Data Quality Objectives process to provide our clients with the most efficient and defensible process possible.

Occupational Medicine
Led by a board-certified occupational physician, we design, review and coordinate occupational health investigations to respond to employee health concerns about environmental exposures. We help management improve occupational health and safety trainings and synthesize medical data and reports as needed. We are experienced in working with local physicians, community members, business personnel and regulators to develop health-related initiatives.

We evaluate chemicals and products from a toxicological and medical perspective and identify potential exposure and health risks. We provide customized safety data sheets and assist with the management of toxicity testing programs to inform risk management of workplace hazards. We execute the analysis of response to TSCA allegations, workplace fetotoxicity reviews and health hazard assessment for clients.

Database Design
A project is only as meaningful as the database behind it. We build user-friendly relational databases to collect, organize and display environmental and health data. Used for site assessment reports and risk assessments, our databases can streamline the long-term management of sampling events across an array of environmental media and chemical analytes. We customize databases to perform quick queries, create summary tables, and output reports-even upload field notes and boring logs. For epidemiological literature searches, we create databases to gather and summarize data extracted from peer-reviewed studies.

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